For 20 years the Union Learning Fund (ULF) has been getting working people into skills training they would otherwise have no access to, with courses directly relevant to the workplace, tailored to workers and supported by government funding.

Workplace learning is a massive success. Not just for employers, staff, and public services, but for the economy too. That success delivers a return of £12.30 for every pound invested – and at a time when the economy is under real pressure the decision to scrap the fund simply does not make sense.

From maths to mental health, from digital to diplomas, the workers getting our country through this crisis deserve the opportunity to access education. Now’s the time to invest in learners in our NHS and our care homes, in our police forces and our schools, in our local communities and everywhere else – not to scrap the scheme that makes it all happen.

Union learning is a win-win. But the government is putting all that at risk. Do not stand by and watch it be snatched away – support the petition conveying the need to save this life-changing fund.

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